Stage N°
Start date

Tuesday January 8th 2019: Stage 7

CHAMI / GARE DU NORD: 500,99km

Liaison: Chami / Gare du Nord: 20,01km

Leg: Gare du Nord / Chami: 480,98km

Finish at the Bivouac

This first special sector in Mauritania will also be the first of the two traditional loops in the AFRICA ECO RACE® Rally 2019. The fact that assistance is forbidden at the end of the special sector, means the mechanics will have plenty of time to rest. It won’t be the case for the competitors, as this stage, already raced in 2018, but this time in opposite direction, will be restless. Indeed, participants will feel the challenge on the first 30 kilometers with much camel grass, not very pleasant for the teams and their vehicles. Then will arrive the beautiful dunes for which the competitors will have to monitor their tire pressures and respect the roadbook to the letter to avoid any extra difficulties. At the same time, vehicles will have to be treated as gently as possible as there will be no mechanical assistance after the sandy 480km of the day and the arrival at the “Gare du Nord” Parc Fermé. Reliability will be the key word if competitors wish to depart in the morning without any problems.

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