AFRICA ECO RACE has its own in-house TV production team with more than 20 people ready to film the most beautiful images of the race with equipment up to the standards of our partner channels but also, our competitors and their broadcasters.

  • 3 in-stage vehicles 
  • 3 helicopters with a cameraman in each 
  • 1 “WESCAM” type plane 
  • A dedicated production truck semitrailer 
  • 1 chief editor
  • A team of editors
  • A team of journalists (French, English, Italian, Netherlands) and cameramen at the arrival of each special stage
  • A dedicated team for the onboard cams 
  • A dedicated team for drone footage 
  • A dedicated team for the D Day satellite transmission


All programs are sent by satellite feed on the D DAY: daily broadcast.

  • Daily 13-minute summary in 4 different versions: French, English, Italian and International (no comment with script provided).  
  • News Access of approx 7 minutes with a provided script. 
  • Daily footage of 1 to 3 minutes for some partners of the AFRICA ECO RACE
  • Production and sending of daily footage to competitors (upon request). 

Thanks to our production planning, the AFRICA ECO RACE benefits from a powerful global reach through the official broadcasters. 

It allows us to provide daily footage to the competitors who, upon request, can have a « tailored » service in order to meet the contracts done with their local broadcasters and channels.* 

It is also possible, for the teams which come with their own « Media » crew, to send their footage by satellite feed (upon request)*.

* Every competitor requesting this service have free access to the « News Access » content with a free of Copyright use to add to their personalized programs. 

For further informations, contact Anthony :

Submitted on Fri, 04/17/2020 - 10:58