Applaud the heroes of the AFRICA ECO RACE 10th edition

on January 14th 2018, at Lac Rose - Dakar.

You will attend, as privileged spectators, the arrival of all the competitors to the mythical “Lac Rose”.
You will vibrate by watching all these pilots express their joys after 6,500 kms of intensive race.
Friends, sponsors, family,
Don’t hesitate anymore and come to share with these laureates,
the end of this unforgettable adventure


Enjoy the opportunity to spend a few days in the sun and the colorful Senegal landscape whilst combining relaxation, tourism and of course great excitement around the podium ceremony of the AFRICA ECO RACE 10th edition.

At the mythical Lac Rose, you'll experience the joy of the competitors who will climb onto the podium, happy and proud to be at the end of what will be the most beautiful adventure of their lives.

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