• Person 1 way boat transport EUROPE / MOROCCO, 2 nights, is INCLUDED in the entry fees,
  • Vehicle 2 ways boat transport EUROPE / MOROCCO - DAKAR / FRANCE is INCLUDED in the entry fees.
  • Flight back of each participant from Dakar is not included.


  • Each person will be transported in the rally boat for Morocco during 2 nights.
  • Each participant will be onboard, in a interior cabin, to be shared with 3 other persons.
  • After registering, the organization will send an information to book a cabin with a window, for 1, 2 or 3 persons. Extra fees will be asked. Limited cabins. 


In case of different dimensions compared to those declared

  • Each vehicle will be measured at the checks
  • Participants must pay the additional cost 
  • The organization cannot be held responsible if the vehicle cannot be loaded because of lack of space on the rally boat

General information about boat transport

  • Boat Dakar / France: Each motorbike will have to be loaded in/on their own service vehicle.
  • Boat Dakar / France: Only motorbikes of the MOTUL XTREME RIDER will be loaded on the organization vehicles. Riders must provide straps.
  • Vehicles must be brought to the port of Europe & Dakar and embarked on the boat by one of the team member.
  • Vehicles that are not presented for boarding at the given time will be refused.
  • On the boat, vehicles must be emptied of all valuables.
  • According to the overseas regulations, it is completely prohibited to carry fuel on the boat. Checks will be carried out at the port by custom officials who will allocate fines to be paid immediately and who may prohibit the embarkation of the vehicle on the boat. The organization cannot be held responsible and no refund can be made.
  • From the moment the vehicle embarks on the boat, the RC Insurance cover ends. Please subscribe additional insurance with your insurer. The organization cannot be held responsible in the event of damage, theft or otherwise.


  • The flight back from Dakar is not included in the entry fees.
  • You are free to book your flight with the airline company of your choice.
  • For information: Dakar / France : approx. 500 €




  • Not included in the fees.
  • You are free to book your hotel anywhere you want.


  • On the boat, meals at the self service up to 100€, are included in the entry fees.
  • Possibility to eat at the restaurant with extra charge.


  • On each bivouac, there will be showers and toilets.
  • Don’t forget to bring: tent, floor mat, sleeping bag, headlamp, toilet paper, alarm clock, etc ….
  • A bracelet and an identification card will be issued at administrative checks. They will allow access, among other things, to meals at bivouacs, mineral water and lunch packs as well as to the awards ceremony at Lac Rose.


  • The organization of the AFRICA ECO RACE will propose accommodation at Dakar.
  • After receiving your entry confirmation, a document containing all the different services proposed will be sent.


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