THE SPIRIT AFRICA ECO RACE® is above all a wish for simplicity, conviviality and authenticity in the way the race is run, where sporting and humane values are more important than the superficial.

AFRICA ECO RACE® offers closer proximity and a real spirit of collaboration, where professionals and amateurs work together without problems. The categories :







+700cc Twin Cylinder
Bike EnduroCup
Junior (under 24 years old)
Veteran (more than 45 years old)
Experimental Bike  
Classic Bike Dating 1986 and before
Group T1 Modified Cross-Country vehicles
  1.1 Petrol- 4 wheel drive
  1.2 Diesel 4 wheel drive
  1.3 Petrol 2 wheel drive
  1.4 Diesel 2 wheel drive
Group T2 Series Cross-Country Production Vehicles
  2.1 Petrol
  2.2 Diesel
Group T3 Improved Cross-Country Vehicles - Lightweight
  T3.1 4x4 Light weight vehicle conforming to art. 286
  T3.2 4x2 Light weight vehicle conforming to art. 286
  T3.3 SSV vehicle: Side by Side Vehicle
Group T4 Trucks
  4.1 10 000cc or over
  4.1 less 10 000cc
Score/Open Group  
Experimental Group Hybrids, Electric, Eco
Classic Car or Truck Dating 1986 and before

The event is an International event registered on the FFSA and FFM calendars. The vehicles will have to be in conformity with the specific technical regulation of the event and with the regulations of the International Federations.

For more information, consult the following website :

- F.I.M :

- F.I.A :

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