Every person who wishes to participate in the race must imperatively do the online registration process on the TOP RIGHT of our front page : Registration 


As from now, to benefit from the best offer possible on your entry

You have to:

  1. Create an account or connect to an existing account 
  2. MY ACCOUNT / VEHICLES: Create a vehicle and enter the dimensions. If you do not yet have the model, simply fill the slots with “X” 
  3. MY ACCOUNT / MY TEAMS: Create your team 
  4. MY ACCOUNT / MY CREWS: Create your race crew by attaching the vehicle 
  5. MY ACCOUNT / MY CREWS: On the right: ACTION/MANAGER/MEMBER: Create the pilot and co-pilot. If you do not have all the names, fill the slot with “X”. 

Any information can be modified any time before the close of the entries. 

The fee applied will correspond to the one applicable at the time of the initial registration in race/raid category.
the racing vehicle(s) entered, the assistance vehicle(s) may be registered later.
Therefore, assistance will benefit from the same offer as the race registration

Example: registration on April 30th of a racing / raid vehicle at the preferential rate. Registration for assistance in September: the rate applied is the same as the one of the race / raid vehicles, ie "the preferential rate".

Please note: assistance must be entered in the same file as race / raid vehicle. The AFRICA ECO RACE cannot invoice several people or entities for the same team. 


To complete and finalize the team file

All slots need to be filled in your own time. 
A copy of the following documents have to be uploaded:

  • Each passport of each person valid until 31st of July 2022 
  • Each valid driving licence (back and front) corresponding to the category of vehicle entering the race.  
  • Each vehicle registration document (including the trailer).  

Each Registration File must be finalised and fully completed at the latest on 15 of November 2021, date of the entry closing. 




Create your personal space and register directly online. 

Your details will be saved and will be modifiable from one year to another if you wish to participate again.
A simple way to manage your administrative steps and prepare your adventure. 



Submitted on Mon, 03/30/2020 - 09:44