Discover Mauritania and Senegal and tackle this challenge on your GS
by riding on the tracks of the most famous legendary rallies to join the mythical Lac Rose,
at your own pace, without chrono. 

The GS is known to be the best large trail bike to cross these countries with landscapes only Africa can offer, along with its unique ancestral cultures. The participants will benefit from the logistic of one of the biggest rally-raid in Africa, the AFRICA ECO RACE

Every night, the participants of the AFRICA RAID GS will gather up in a dedicated convivial structure, in an authentic bivouac, in the middle of nowhere. At dinner time, they will join the caravan of the AFRICA ECO RACE where the various actors of this unique rally can mingle and discuss their experience of the day. 

At the head of the organization of the AFRICA RAID GS and the AFRICA ECO RACE, these two world-known adventures: Jean Louis SCHLESSER et René METGE

Their motto: change of scenery, endurance, mutual aid and conviviality.   

The participants will experience a unique event…
a once in a lifetime adventure which will fulfil your travelers’ soul!


November 1st, 2020
    Closing of the entries

December 2020 - Date and location to be confirmed
    Boarding of all the caravan vehicles of the rally on a cargo boat for Dakar

January 2nd & 3rd, 2021
    Pick up of the veicles by the participant at Dakar harbor
    Administrative and safety material checks

January 4th, 2021
    Transfer to Saint Louis

January 5th / 17th, 2021
    12 stages through Senegal and Mauritania 
    1 rest day in Mauritania

January 17th, 2021
    Arrival at the Lac Rose & award ceremony 

    Boarding of the vehicles on the boat from Dakar to France - Marseille

End of January, 2021
    Arrival of the vehicles of the return boat in Marseille

Non final program, possible changes to come


  • Solo Rider,
  • For all owners of GS and GS-A,
  • From 650 cc,
  • Autonomy required: 400 km minimum,
  • Rolling and sandy tracks + roads 


  • 2 bikes with 2 guides 
  • 1 sweep vehicle
  • 1 bivouac truck for a convivial area
  • 1 workshop truck
  • 7 team members
  • 1 cameraman / editor / photographer.


9 800 € : rider + motorbike


  • Summary film with a focus clip
  • Transport two-ways France / Dakar / France of the vehicle
  • Transport of 1 trunk, 1 personal bag, 1 tent, 2 tires with studs
  • Bivouacs in Africa,
  • Food and Beverage on the bivouac (breakfast, ration, diner) and lunch at the Lac Rose 
  • A 2 second style tent
  • Final podium ceremony at the Lac Rose
  • Dedicated support team for the AFRICA RAID GS
  • Visa for Mauritania
  • Insurance for the vehicles in Mauritania and Senegal
  • Medical Assistance, osteopaths
  • Civil Liability Insurance of the organiser



  • Helmet less than 5 years old 
  • Gloves 
  • Boots
  • Trousers and moto vest,
  • Dorsal protection approved CE level 2, reference EN16212,
  • Soft 3 litre tank of water (Camelbak type)
  • GPS fixed on the motorcycle (to download the route in gpx or kml  files) 
  • Survival blanket
  • 1 medical emergency kit 
  • Rental of a SmallTrack – satellite tracking system. Available for rent with the organization : cost approx. 400€  : E-SHOP

2 extra tires with studs are advised  


Every person who wishes to participate in the race must imperatively do the online registration process on the TOP RIGHT of our front page : REGISTRATION 


As from now:

You have to:

  • Create an account or connect to an existing account 
  • MY ACCOUNT / VEHICLES: Create a vehicle and enter the dimensions. If you do not yet have the model, simply fill the slots with “X” 
  • MY ACCOUNT / MY TEAMS: Create your team 
  • MY ACCOUNT / MY CREWS: Create your race crew by attaching the vehicle 
  • MY ACCOUNT / MY CREWS: On the right: ACTION/MANAGER/MEMBER: Create the pilot and co-pilot. If you do not have all the names, fill the slot with “X”. 

Any information can be modified any time before the close of the entries. 

To complete and finalize the team file

All slots need to be filled in your own time.
A copy of the following documents have to be uploaded :

  • Each passport of each person valid until 31st of July 2021.
  • Each valid driving licence (back and front) corresponding to the category of vehicle entering the race. 
  • Each vehicle registration document (including the trailer).  

Each Registration File must be finalised and fully completed at the latest on 1st of November 2020. 



Create your personal space and register directly online. 

Your details will be saved and will be modifiable from one year to another if you wish to participate again. A simple way to manage your administrative steps and prepare your adventure. 


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