The AFRICA ECO RACE® has its own TV production team.

Agreaments are set before the event with various TV channels in order for the team to send a program on daily basis.

The production team is composed of 5 cameramen, 5 mounters, 1 sound technician, 1 server technician, 1 onboard camera technician, 2 coordinators, 2 journalists, 1 translator and 3 drivers.
Three helicopters and three 4x4 are there for recording, from the air and on the track.

A team, composed of 2 journalists, 1 cameraman and 1 sound technician are recording all interviews at the end of stages.

Each day, the production team satelizes directly from each bivouac about 10 hours of « ready to go » programs in french and english.

A short program with the best scenes of about 2 to 3 minutes is sent to Eurovision with a script.

Each day, a video and a daily summary are uploaded on, YouTube and Facebook.

The participants have the possibility to have a DVD composed of 60% of generic images of the Race and 40% of images concerning them.

A DVD of 52 minutes which sums up the AFRICA ECO RACE® is realized in various languages and available one month after the end of the event.

Download the Media Report 2016 for all details.





Motors TV has over 20 million subscribers across the 38 broadcasted countries in Europe.
AFRICA ECO RACE® was broadcasted for a sum of 151 programs and a total of approx. 30 hours.

53 programs of 12 min on Motors TV France
49 programs of 12 min on Motors TV UK
49 programs of 12 min on Motors TV Europe





A total of 848 TV spots long of 30 seconds during 6 weeks.
AFRICA ECO RACE® programs was seen by over 58M different viewers representing a progression of +43% compared to the 2015 edition.

 Total number of spots: 848 elements viewed by 58 181 000 persons







  • Sport TV1 - 11 programs for a total lenght of 17 min. and 04 sec.
  • Sport TV5 - 19 programs for a total lenght of 1 hour 52 min. and 51 sec. including replays.
  • RTP 1 - 1 programs for a total lenght of48 sec.
  • RTP 3 - 6 programs for a total lenght of4 min. and 34 sec including replays.
  • TVI 24 - 2 programs for a total lenght of 1 min. and 36 sec.
  • Bola TV - 11 programs for a total lenght of 27 min. and 39 sec. including replays.
  • Benfica TV - 1 programs for a total lenght of 30 min. and 48 sec.


  • LIVENEWS : : 10 programs for a total length of 45 minutes replayed several times
  • RUSSIA 24 : 11 programs for a total length of 46 minutes replayed several times
  • MATCH TV : 12 programs for a total length of 1 hour 45 minutes replayed several times
  • Also on RBK TV, AUTOPLUS, etc.: different programs replayed several times


  • Morrocco : 2M.  TV news: everyday 1 minute and 30 seconds
  • Mauritania : Mauritanian National TV. Everyday 3 minutes
  • Senegal : RTS (Radio Télévision Sénégalaise). TV news : 6 minutes on January 10th and 6 minutes on January 11th
  • West Africa : Vox Africa Flash news : everyday 3 minutes
  • South Africa (SA, Bostwana, Namibia) : Ignition TV . 52 minutes program
  • Canal + Africa : Flash news in the 24 countries of West Africa



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