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Eco Competitors

Competitors "eco responsible" 

Some competitors have chosen to supply their vehicle with solar panels.

That’s the case of André LENOBLE and his YAMAHA motorcycle equipped with photovoltaic cells in order to limit the wear of the engine alternator and to reduce the CO2 production.

André LENOBLE - AER 2012

Willy JOBARD, on a motorbike ZONGSHEN 450 HYBRID2, hybrid motorcycle supplied with water.

Actually, steam will be produced by a mini booster and will be squirted in the air intake. First of all, this system will slightly increase the engine performances but also will significantly reduce fuel consumption and CO2 rejection in the atmosphere.


Willy Jobard -AER 2014


Moreover, Willy JOBARD uses bio ethanol fuel transported throughout the race by the organization of the AFRICA ECO RACE®.


2012: André LENOBLE has demonstrated the feasibility of a power supply with solar panels.
2013: Oscar EO Hybrid Car with Team LATVIA has arrived in Dakar after more than 5000 km without any worries.
2014: Willy JOBARD and his 450cm³ hybrid motorcycle supplied with water arrived 15th in Dakar.
2014: André LENOBLE has demonstrated the feasibility of a power supply with solar panels and finished 9th at the final classification in 2014.
2015/2016: Team KAMAZ MASTER entered a gaz-hybrid truck, using a methan/gasoil mix. The goal was to prove that natural gaz can be used as fuel. Success was also at the “rendez-vous” for the crew composed of
Serguey KUPRIANOV / Alexander KUPRIANOV / Anatoly TANIN as they finished the race in 3rd position overall for 2015 and 19th for 2016.





Serguey KUPRIANOV / Alexander KUPRIANOV / Anatoly TANIN - AER 2015

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